The Kundalini: Meaning Of The Serpent Energy


What is the meaning of the serpent? What is the serpent or snake? Kundalini means serpent of fire.  Yoga has its Kundalini Yoga and Moses explains about the serpent. The Romans represented the Caduceus of Mercury as two serpents on a pole, which had two wings. Nowadays we see that symbol  in any hospital or ambulance. We know it is the symbol of medicine. So what is the meaning of the serpent?

The Kundalini or serpent of fire is a symbol of energy. Precisely the energy moves in waves as a serpent does. The Caduceus of Mercury is actually a representation of the energetic system explained by ancient yogis. They represented such energetic system as two serpents (Ida and Pingala) going from bottom to top of the spine. They taught it was a third channel in the center (Inside of the spine) called Shushuna, wehre a third serpent was: the Kundalini. Amazingly, this symbol was also found in Mayans and Aztecs.

The Kundalini is the main force within the human being. Nevertheless it is not working properly in modern times. Why?


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The Kundalini is trapped in the Muladhara Chakra. We need to free it from there and let it go all the way to the Sahasrara Chakra. When it gets out from the Muladhara Chakra then this chakra is activated, then the Kundalini goes from chakra to chakra; so this incredible force activates them. Finally all the chakras are activated and the senses of the soul are recovered.

A soul without activated chakras is like a body without its senses. What can we expect from someone who is blind and deaf? We cannot expect too much. Actually we might feel pity on that person. Nevertheless, an ordinary soul has not its senses (Chakras) working. What can we expect from a person whose chakras are not working? Not too much.

Now we can understand why the whole planet is a mess. We lack love, comprehension, tolerance, charity, humbleness, etc. Our soul has not the necessary elements to guide others properly. We should spread the philosophy of sharing and caring to help our planet and our soul.

The Kundalini is not a blind force; actually is an intelligent force. Its food is love, the pure love coming from a purified heart.  We most understand love as the need a person feels to help other beings. Not everybody feels that need. Most of the people think only in their needs and they forget about the millions of human beings who lack the most basic things in life.

The development of the Kundalini is possible for those who feel the need to help. Charity is the best way to develop the Kundalini. Nevertheless, it requires several things from the disciple ready to work on the Kundalini’s awakening.


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Anyone can put the chakras to work for a while if practicing mantras properly; but the full development is only possible when the Kundalini is freed from the Muladhara Chakra and goes up all the way to the Sahasrara Chakra.

This process requires a special work on the inner energies. Remember there is a whole system of nadis within us. All these nadis most vibrate in harmony with the universe and nature. This is not possible when there is not mental control.

Working with the Kundalini is not just a matter of mantras or doing a mechanical Kundalini Yoga. It requires a lot of patience, perseverance and humbleness. It requires a full concentration on the exercises. A person whose mind is always distracted most learn mental control first before doing a proper Kundalini Yoga practice.

The development of the Kundalini requires a lot of meditation. This science asks a lot from anyone willing to develop the Kundalini. Karma Yoga becomes the philosophy of the true yogi. Bhakti Yoga is necessary to activate the Kundalini.

The Kundalini does not move in a mechanical way. This marvelous force is developed practicing the five main yogas: Raja Yoga, Gnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and, obviously, Kundalini Yoga.

A smart yogi knows how to use all of them and how to balance his life according to the universe and nature. An intelligent yogi is not a fanatic. He/she has a very balanced mind and heart. He/she is always open to new ideas and willing to learn.  A real yogi is humble and he/she has a heart full of charity, but he/she is never a fool.

The great Masters practice meditation a lot because meditation is the heart of yoga. They did not practice for some minutes, but for hours as a daily basis.

The Anahatta Chakra plays a huge role in developing the Kundalini. This will be another topic to talk.


Energy is possible when we have two poles: Positive and negative. That is why we have two main channels Ida and Pingala. They are coiled around the spinal. Usually they are depicted as serpents as on the Caduceus of Mercury. There is a third channel called Shushunna; it is right inside of the spinal.  These three channels are the three main forces which created the universe.

It is not possible to generate energy without the opposite poles. Pranayamas work with Ida and Pingala to prepare the fire (Energy) of the Kundalini. Nevertheless, the Kundalini requires something special: Saving energies!

It is interesting that we are told to save the energy of our house (Electricity) and we are told to buy machines with the saving sing on it. But we are not told to save our own energy.

If we have not energy then, how can we produce more energy? We must save our energies: Mental, emotional, and physical energies. Worrying too much or thinking too much waste mental energy. Crying too much, complaining too much, being anger often waste emotional energies. Too much exercise, too much sex waste physical energies. Celibacy? It is good for singles, but we all have a right to get married. Many yogis were married. Being married does not mean keeping celibacy; but it means controlling our human instincts and passions.


Kundalini Yoga is the yoga to develop the chakras and your energies. The main objective is to develop the Kundalini, the main inner force within ourselves.

Kundalini Yoga has several asanas, mantras, pranayamas and, as any other yoga, focus is really important.

What can you get from this marvelous yoga?

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

– It will improve your metabolism
– It will boost your energy
– It will get you strength and flexibility
– It will develop your focus
– It will improve your health in many ways
– It will help you to open the chakras
-It will help you to develop the Kundalini
– ETC.

We have a marvelous energetic system, which is able to repair the body and keeps you young and healthy as long as you want to change habits and more.

There are more than 70,000 nadis in the whole body, but three are the most important ones: Ida, Pingala and Shushunna.

These three energetic channels belong to the Vital Body; the same is true for the other nadis. All these nadirs carry energy to the whole body and they are connected to the chakras. Obviously, these nadis and the chakras are not visible to the naked eye because they belong to the subtle bodies.

It is obvious that we are not just a  mere physical body. The body itself cannot have life without an energetic system. That system belongs to the Vital Body. The physical body is a bio-chemical machine; but every machine works with energy. This machine is a robot, a tool for our soul. Nevertheless, robots most take energy form a source. That source is electricity or batteries; in our case it is this marvelous energetic system within the vital Body.

Kundalini asanas are to develop the energetic system, so the energies move with the flow of nature and the universe. This flow carry energy to the nadis and to the chakras in order to activate the lotus flowers.

The person doing these practices most develop a deep concentration. So he/she can be 100% focus on the asanas and the energetic system. All yogi working in the Kundalini most know it is an energetic intelligence. Remember it comes from MAHA-KUNDALINI. Therefore mechanical practices are not good enough to activate these energies and as a result the chakras are not activated either.

Do not ever forget: YOGA IS UNION OF THE SOUL WITH THE SPIRIT (ATMAN). Yoga is not selfish. A selfish person will never develop the Kundalini. We need to practice Karma Yoga: The Yoga of Right action. Right action comes from the philosophy of the heart.


Nobody will develop the Kundalini without the proper techniques and self-control needed for it. The Kundalini is the main energy of our energetic system; but it requires a lot.

Modern people are too superficial and lazy. They want everything quick and easy. Nature works slow. It takes years for a tiny seed to become a tall and string tree. But we want things in a month or two. People should read the life of ancient yogis and how much they work to achieve their goals.

The whole universe is based on the three forces and the Kundalini could not be an exemption. Saving our own energies is the most important requirements to work on the Kundalini.

The development of the Kundalini brings new capabilities to our soul. This is not an empirical belief; but a science that takes years to give the proper results. A soul without working chakras is like a person without eyes, ears, etc. The new faculties given by the chakras bring light to the soul, so it is not confused any longer.

A Master is not a regular person, but a special being with new capabilities. Nowadays many are called masters; but most of them are not. You should be careful about this point. It is better to work on ourselves and find the Inner Master in the blessing of Samadhi.

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