21 Best Spiritual Guided Meditation Scripts

spiritual guided meditation scripts

The spiritual guided meditation scripts can be something that was written by the experienced person or something that the meditating person has chosen as inspirational.

Spiritual guided meditation is simply using help in order to meditate. This help can consist of another person being present in the room to read a script from a book or website.By another person reciting this script or phrase, the person meditating can concentrate on the words in order to influence their meditation to go deeper. If the words are inspirational, the person meditating will feel inspired or uplifted by hearing the words repeated.

Meditation is also known to make a persona healthier and more focused. With the help of a guide, guided meditation can be very powerful at achieving a goal such as spiritual awareness. Meditation guides are able to help people focus their energy on a specific issue and channel their energy and purpose into that issue. With the help of a guide, meditation can become not only a healthy way to deal with stress but also a great way for people to better them and deal with their personal issues. Spiritual guided meditation is also good for beginners who may be having trouble concentrating on the object of meditation.

What is Spiritual Guided Meditation Scripts?

Spiritual guided meditation is a way for people to collect their thoughts and have a moment of silence in order to release the stress from the day. Many people to connect to their inner spiritual self also use spiritual guided meditation.

Spiritual guided meditation scripts are type of scripts for guided meditation that uses the concentration and powerfulness of guided meditation in order to find a deeper meaning. With the use of spiritual guided meditation scripts, many people feel closer to God and feel they are on the right path of their spiritual journey. 

Since guided meditation uses such deep concentration, it is easier for people in that state to connect with themselves on a higher level and look inside their spiritual selves in order to grow. The basics of guided meditation are used in order to assure a committed amount of concentration and then the people who are meditating are asked to find their spiritual sides and connect with them. There are many concepts that are taught through spiritual guided meditation that can be used in everyday life in order to still live a spiritual and fulfilling life.

Benefits of Spiritual Guided Meditation

1. With the use of spiritual guided meditation, many people feel they are able to grow spiritually and they have developed a deeper understanding of who they are as a person. 

2. They also feel that spiritual guided meditation has brought a deeper understanding of love and power into their lives. 

3. Spiritual guided meditation can also be a method that is offered to help people quit smoking. By learning the skills of guided meditation, many people who smoke are using these skills in order to help with the mental tricks that come along with trying to quit smoking. Once a person is in a meditative state, they are almost hypnotized and able to have a deep concentration on a certain subject. The guide will then repeat a script or play a CD or mp3 that may repeat a phrase to convince them that tobacco is something that they don’t need. The strong concentration on the phrase that is being repeated makes the phrase really sink into the mind of the person meditating. 

4. Just like smoking, eating can become an addiction for many people. Meditation sessions have also recently been used in order to help people develop the willpower and mental capability to lose weight. The guided meditation session also uses the deep meditative state in order to open the mind to a phrase that may be repeated by a guide or on a CD or mp3. The phrase is generally based on healthy eating and exercise in order to motivate the person to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

5. Feeling a deep relaxation is something that happens to people who are able to achieve a meditative state. After a guided meditation session, many people agree that they feel much more relaxed and calm. There is a feeling of peace and blissfulness that is present for people who have had a successful moment of guided meditation. This relaxed feeling is also something that can stay with people throughout their day. It makes the rest of the day more relaxed and they are able to concentrate a lot more intensely on their tasks for the day. Since guided meditation is an exercise that has been proven to release stress for many people, they are left feeling more relaxed after a guided meditation session.

6. Meditation is able to help people become stronger; less stressed and can help people solve their problems. Spiritual guided meditation can give confidence and state of mind that is necessary to conquer their problems. Quitting smoking, losing weight, and relaxing are just a few tasks that guided meditation can make it easier for some people. The power of guided meditation and the concentration that is required to achieve it can help people to achieve their own personal life goals.

15 Best Spiritual Guided Meditation Scripts

Spiritual guided meditation can be taught as a class or can be learned through different types of programs in a person’s home. It has brought a higher quality of life to many people who have experienced and used spiritual guided meditation.

There are many spiritual guided meditation scripts that are geared towards different goals that people may have. There are other spiritual guided meditation scripts that are based on finding a life purpose. Since many people feel lost in their lives, they turn to guided meditation and the use of their inner concentration to help them figure out what the best path is for them.

1. Mindfulness Eating of an Apple

spiritual guided meditation scripts
  • Place an apple in front of you and observe every aspect of its shape, form and color. 
  • Reflect on the source of the apple, by imagining it growing on a tree in the sunshine.
  • If you like, you may want to say a few words of gratitude that come naturally to you.
  • Hold the apple in your hand and feel its weight and texture.
  • Bring it to your mouth, bite into it slowly and enjoy the flavor of juices and sensations that flood your taste buds.
  • In a relaxed way, take notice of every aspect of eating, your biting, chewing, tasting, swallowing and the feeling as this food enters your body.
  • Stay mindful of each mouthful as you gradually eat as much as you like.


It is so easy to eat any food in a kind of mindless trance, where the food is not really appreciated.  Mindful eating is not only enjoyable but is an effective method for controlling the amount you eat (if that is a problem).  By really enjoying your food and being aware of how your body feels, it is a lot easier to eat only what you need.

2. Color Odyssey

The meaning of the sentences that you read in this exercise, really do not matter.

All that’s important is that you focus on the color in the actual letters in the text.

And as you focus on the color in these words, you sense a subtle change of feeling.

Like the change of feeling that occurs when you look at the color in these letters that I have typed.

Each color has a subtle meaning for you, maybe an association with memories

Or something much deeper, nobody really knows what the perception of color is.

But the feelings you have as you absorb each color, are real and uniquely personal to you.

Now look at the world around you and take notice of the wider range of colors that are there for you to enjoy.


The perception of color is a most wonderful aspect of our lives  So I hope that this exercise makes all the colors you see today, a little brighter.

3. The Happy House

Project your thoughts all the way back to your childhood and remember a house that has happy memories for you.

It may be,

  • a house you lived in
  • a house of a relative
  • a house of a grandparent
  • a house of a family friend
  • a house of a childhood friend

Once you have chosen the house, open the front door and walk to any room you choose. Try and remember as many details of the room as possible: the decoration, fittings, furniture, ornaments and objects.  Continue like this, moving methodically from room to room, recalling as much as you can.   If there is a garden, you might like to walk out there too.

For the best experience, do this exercise with your eyes closed.


I hope this exercise brings back many happy memories.

4. A Picture for Love and Peace

Write below words on a piece of paper:


slowly and with great care,
as beautifully as you can,
in large stylish letters of your choosing,

When you have completed this,
draw an elaborate frame around it.. 
Take your time with this, maybe drawing the frame as a pattern or just as a series of doodles or scribbles.  Don’t  think deeply about what you are doing, just allow the pen in your hand to follow whatever course it happens to take.

When it is finished, place the picture in a place, where you will notice it later.  


While you have been drawing this picture, your sub conscious mind has been contemplating Love & Peace.  So when you look at the picture again, your sub conscious will be reminded of Love & Peace, which can be only a good thing.

5. The Sound of Peace

As you read this, focus on some of the individual letters that form these words.   Notice how each letter is a white shape that stands out from the blackness of the screen you read from.

While you continue to read, listen carefully to what you are hearing.

Can you make out the background humming of your computer?
What other sounds can you hear in the immediate space around you?

Now listen only to the sounds that come from the greatest distance.
Spend some time trying to identify each distant sound as it occurs.

And there it is!
…in those moments of quietness between them:  the sound of peace.


The sound of peace can be found everywhere, but it is rarely noticed in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  I need some help describing this sound of peace, so a description of what you ‘heard’ will be much appreciated if entered below.

6. How was I Thinking?

Open your email program and read some of the emails you sent a long time ago.

If possible, try and find emails you sent over 5 years ago.  You may need to open your ‘Sent Email Archive Folder’ to read correspondence this far in the past.

Spend some time reading what you wrote to people, but do not get too absorbed in the nostalgia of it all.
As you read your emails, keep the following question in mind; “How was I thinking?”


Using the power of hindsight, this exercise gives an insight into your day-to-day thinking.

It illuminates aspects of you that have remained constant and aspects that have changed.

7. The Journey Inside You

visualization exercise

Through the simple act of lighting a candle and listening to music, you will embark on an inner journey.

What to do:

  • Place an unlit candle on a table
  • Tidy up any clutter around it
  • Dim any lighting and seat yourself comfortably
  •  Play your favourite music
  • Light the candle and dedicate 15 minutes just to yourself
  • Listen to the music and let your thoughts flow with anything that comes to mind
  • When the music ends, blow out the candle and congratulate yourself on completing your inner journey.


Most people will resist doing this exercise due to concerns about feeling isolated and lonely.   This is a shame as an Inner Journey always brings memorable and worthwhile results.  If you feel hesitant, remind yourself of the many other people on this program who have done it.  

Once you have got as far at lighting the candle, the hardest part of the exercise is over.  You can then just sit back and enjoy your Time.

8. Body Revitalize

  • Tense all the muscles of your both legs and then release them.
  • Clasp both your hands into tight fists and make tighter all the muscles in your arms.  After that release them.
  • Deeply chest breathe and fill your lungs with air. Hold breath for a short time and then exhale slowly.
  • Press on your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth.  Hold it there for a few moments and very slowly allow it to rest
  • When your tongue is relaxed, close your eyes and notice how you feel.


This exercise creates oxygen demand from your muscles, which is then satisfied by the deep breath.   The relaxation of your tongue calms your thoughts and encourages your body to end the exercise feeling relaxed.

9. Tomorrow will be a Good Day

Take a few moments to remember the beginning of today.

  • How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
  • Can you remember what your first thought was about?
  • Is this how you normally wake up?

Your first thought in the morning is important because it sets your mood for the rest of the day. 

To gain a positive head start tomorrow, say this simple phrase to yourself as soon as you wake up:
Today will be a Good Day
and then if your mind attempts to contradict this statement, say to yourself
I will Find a Way

Do this exercise every morning for the rest of your life, maybe creating your own positive affirmation to use instead.  You will engage better with life’s challenges and good events will happen for you because of your more positive mood.


This exercise is the most powerful method for positive thinking, but it has one major problem and that is remembering to do it when you wake up.  To overcome this problem, you can use audio wake up calls or set your phone alarm.    

10. A Wish Come True

Imagine that whatever you wish, immediately comes true  

What might your first wish be?
Maybe something practical, like having lots of money

Now, what might your second wish be?
Maybe something good happening for someone else

What might your third wish be?
Maybe something for yourself again, like being young and healthy

What might your fourth wish be? 
Maybe something exciting like the realization of a fantasy

Now, imagine you have spent a hundred years making thousands of wishes that always come true.  You have become bored, lonely and weighed down with responsibility. 

You make one last and final wish.

To live the life you have now, with all its problems and uncertainties.


If you enjoyed the fantasy aspects of this exercise, then I recommend you experience this video meditation called Astral Manifestation.

11. Thought Levitation

As you sit and read these words, notice how everything around you is being drawn downwards by the force of gravity.  Any object is only stationary, because it is supported by something else. 

Notice how the weight of your body is supported by your chair.

  • make yourself comfortable
  • put the soles of your feet safely on the ground
  • place the palms of your hands flat on something like a table top

Bring your attention to your thoughts and notice how they are completely unaffected by the force of gravity.

  • close your eyes and imagine your body being gently lifted by your thoughts.

Does your body feel lighter?


If you enjoyed this exercise, experience the magic of flying with this guided meditation.

12. Money Enlightenment

No matter how bad or impossible your money problems may be, you can face up to them right now, with this simple exercise.

Before reading further, look in your purse or wallet and take out the highest value banknote you have.

  • Hold it in you hand
  • Look at it closely
  • Feel it with your fingers
  • Smell it

Imagine how you would feel if you were to tear it up into little pieces?
Notice the power this piece of paper has over you.

Now, without making the banknote unusable

  • Crush it into a small ball

as you squeeze it

Think about what money you might have, receive or earn

Think about all the money you owe or need to spend

Think about any cuts or savings you could make

and lastly
Think about anything you can do to make more money

  • Now, unravel the ball of money and flatten it out

Congratulate yourself on gaining a clearer picture of the challenge you face.


Money is so dominant in our world today, that it has achieved an almost mystical status.   The symbolic act of crushing a banknote weakens its power and allows us to think objectively about it.

13. The Beauty in Reality

spiritual guided meditation scripts
  • Look near you for a small object you can hold in your hands.
  • Don’t be over choosy; just pick anything that easily comes to hand.
  • Don’t seek and notice any significance in your choice, just accept it for what it is -as an object!
  • Once you have your object in your hands, spend a minute observing it closely from all sides and memorize every detail.
  • Now you can close your eyes and remember how it looks.
  • Look at the object again.
  • Does it seem more beautiful than before?


When you stop being selective of things, duality in mind drops and then starts developing peace of mind.

14. The Tribute

Take this time to pay a personal tribute to someone who has died.  

It might be a family member, a dear friend or just someone who touched your life in a positive way.    

Whoever comes to mind, imagine them being with you right now.

  • Can you sense their presence?
  • Can you feel their love and support?
  • Can you remember the good times you shared?

Complete your tribute, by thinking of a message you would like to send to them.


If you had hurt someone or you were hurt by someone, take this moment to ask forgiveness and heal the wound in your heart.

15. Self Empowerment

Take this time to think about all the different tasks that you find so difficult to start or finish.

Is there any assignment that shows up as being important and attainable? Let just this one task come forward in your mind…

Now, visualize the feelings you will have when this task is accomplished… the sense of Achievement, Purpose, Clarity and Self Worth.

Make a promise to yourself right now to achieve just this one task.

Say the following words to yourself…
‘I   will   do   this’
Say these words again, but with more feeling…
‘I   will   do   this’

You’re going to feel great about yourself.
Go do it.


Whatever the task you complete, it will empower you to succeed with others.

I hope you are enjoying the exercises on this program and noticing real benefits in daily life.

16. Mental Chatter

Take a moment and bring awareness to your thoughts. Now imagine that they are chit chat inside your head.

  • Are thoughts peaceful or irritated?
  • Are thoughts helpful or harsh?
  • Are they affectionate or annoyed?
  • Do they give confidence or condemn you?
  • Why these thoughts appeared in your mind?
  • With whom these thoughts are relating to you?


You are the only observer of your thoughts, but not your thoughts. Thoughts are like cloud in the sky, they come and go but leave no mark in the sky.

By simply being awareness of your thoughts, you can calm their mental chatter.

17. Goodwill

As you talk with people during the course of today, take notice of anyone who seems stressed or unhappy.  Put aside your own troubles and worries and give them your undivided attention.  Keep the conversation focused entirely on their situation and listen carefully to what they say.  Give your unconditional emotional support and if possible, offer practical help.


This is one of the most powerful exercise for achieving a moment of self-enlightenment.

18. Time Travel

Take a minute to remember how you were about 10 years ago and recall a moment in your life around this time.  It does not matter what memories come to mind, just try to recall the events around this time, the people you knew, and the way you felt. 

Now imagine yourself in the future, 10 years from today, and 10 years older, looking back at the way you are now.  From this point in the future, what do you imagine you will remember about this present time?


This thought exercise will enable you to focus on the positive aspects of your life today and appreciate all the opportunities of the present.

19. Happiness

How do you feel right now?  
How do you think your face looks now?
You probably look the way you feel.  Even though your emotional state is low you can boost up them through the simple act of smiling. Smiling generates happy feelings in the brain, so you can try this simple exercise.
Now as you read these words and without smiling just yet…. tighten ever so slightly the sides of your eyes…. notice those tingling sensations…. next, let these sensations spread down to your cheeks at the very early stages of the smile.  Now lift the sides of your mouth a little into just a half-smile…. and now you are smiling.  Do you notice something curious about the way you feel…..  Keep smiling, just enjoy it.


Try and maintain this smile when you are with other people and you will notice an improvement in the way you act.  You will also be more attractive and nicer to be around.  Besides, smiling encourages others to be happy too, others might respond by smiling back, and then you will know that your spirits are truly uplifted.

20. Self Realization

The very next time you look at yourself in a mirror, bring your face a little closer and raise your chin slightly.  Have no concern about how you look, but focus on the black pupils of your eyes for about 10 seconds.  

Do not be shy…. and you will get a sense of the magnificent power of your true self.


Try to do this simple exercise every day, as you will enjoy a well-deserved boost to your self-esteem. The effect is subtle and will last for hours.  You will feel confident and in control of the demands of the day.

21. What is Self-Enlightenment?

Self Enlightenment is a profound state of being that is impossible to describe with words.
But you can recognize when it happens in your life by the way you feel

  • a sense of belonging in the present moment
  • clarity of thought
  • a feeling of inner peace
  • an awareness of your true self
  • a love for the world around you
  • a joy of being alive

Everyone experiences moments of self-enlightenment, so try and remember a time when you felt like this. You might want to read the above description again, to help you remember a moment when you were self enlightened.

Once you have identified a memory, close your eyes and try and replay the whole experience in your mind.


Achieving a permanent state of Self Enlightenment is very difficult, but as you can see, it can occur quite easily in your life for short periods of time.

It can be encouraged to occur through the simple act of meditation.  For example, you might be relaxing in the middle of a holiday watching the sunset on the horizon of the sea.  You are so relaxed, that you are actually meditating and the extraordinary beauty of what you witness brings on a moment of self-enlightenment.

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